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Mailbag: What Does Gurley Deal Mean For Zeke?


DONALD LEWIS_ Todd Gurley signed a four-year extension with two years left on his contract. Do you think the Cowboys will do the same thing with Zeke? Would you do it?_

Bryan: I have my questions about long-term plans with Elliott. If you look at recent history with DeMarco Murray that could give us a little insight to what might happen. The shelf life of a running back is not long, so using them up and then moving on is becoming a popular way to operate. I tend to work in that direction as well.

Rob: Stephen Jones addressed this question on Tuesday and basically likened it to Dak Prescott's situation: If they have big years, then the team will probably have a big year, and they'll be looking at big numbers for both them. With a fifth-year option, Zeke can be under contract for the next three years, so right now it's not something pressing. But he's got a chance to take a leadership role this year and show he's put all of last year's troubles behind him.


From what you guys know, was Randy Gregory staying in shape or training with anyone while away? If so, how was he training and with whom was he training? I refuse to believe he was just sitting around waiting.
Bryan: Gregory was in California training once he applied for reinstatement. He was working with former Los Angeles Raider Greg Townsend, who was a pretty good pass rusher back in the day. I don't believe it will take long for him to work back in shape once they get going.

Rob: Word is the Cowboys are pleased with the shape Gregory's in right now. Maybe most important is his weight (currently 242) because in the past he had trouble keeping pounds on. Football shape is different, though, and that's why they're not rushing him back to practice.

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