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Mailbag: What Does LB Corps Look Like If McClain Re-Signs?



Against Houston, Tony Romo threw more times and for more yards than any other game this season. Does this win give you confidence going forward that the offense can be multidimensional if the situation calls for it in the clutch?

Bryan: There was never a thought that they would not be able to throw the ball any time they wanted to. How could you not think that way? This offensive line, receivers, tight ends and running backs are some of the best skilled players in the league. Now if you asked me about running the ball in the four minute offense to kill the game, that might be a different answer.  

David: I don't think I share Bryan's confidence, having watched this offense for the first few weeks of the season. I'm not sure Romo could have uncorked the same caliber of passes that he did on Sunday – specifically the touchdown to Terrance Williams and the game-changing deep ball to Dez. His arm looks a lot better than it did against San Francisco and Tennessee, for instance. It gives me a lot more faith in the Cowboys' ability to call any play in any situation.


If the Cowboys re-sign Rolando McClain to a longterm deal, how would it affect the linebacker corps next season when Sean Lee returns? Will it have an effect on the Cowboys re-signing Bruce Carter?


Bryan: I just don't believe that if you sign McClain that you will be able to sign Carter, because I do not see this front office tying up that much money in these linebackers -- especially with other positions that need their financial attention.

David: The Cowboys have a lot of tough questions to answer when it comes to re-stocking their roster this offseason. They want to re-sign Dez Bryant, the way to re-sign McClain. There's also the matter of DeMarco Murray playing fantastically in his contract season. Bruce Carter and Dwayne Harris are up for renewal. The team has to decide whether to exercise its option on Henry Melton. Like I said, there are a lot of questions. Personally, I'd put a lot of emphasis on keeping McClain on this team. I'm not so sure they can afford to keep Carter around if they do that, but the duo of McClain and Lee – not to mention Anthony Hitchens – sounds like a good starting point to me.

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