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Mailbag: What Does The White Signing Mean For Moore?; Spending On Defense

What's the knock on Sterling Moore? Why not re-sign? When Claiborne went down, when Scandrick was suspended, the defense relied on him and he was solid?

Bryan: The one thing that I learned over the years as a scout is that these coaches live with the players the entire season. They are in meetings, on the practice field and dealing with them during games, which is totally different from what the fan sees. You might feel that Sterling Moore was outstanding at his job and at times I would agree with you that he was, but there is so much more that goes into building these teams. It appears that way they feel about Moore as a complete player doesn't line up with what they want from the position which is why they feel the way they do about him.

David: On paper, Moore certainly seems like a guy that I'd consider re-signing. There could be any number of reasons for why they don't – he wants more money than they're willing to pay, or they want to go in a different direction at the position. I'm of the opinion that this team needs some serious help at cornerback, but losing Moore isn't the end of the world – so long as they address the position. Nabbing Corey White is a decent start, and then we can see what the coming weeks and the draft have in store.

I can understand not overspending on free agents that are older and will decline soon. However, you have to spend on defense when you let Murray go. Doesn't it look like the Cowboys will be a 8-8 team again?

Bryan: Who's to say that they won't find some free agents that can help? Greg Hardy is still out there. Don't let inactivity lead you to believe that nothing is getting done. Just because they didn't give $100 million to Suh doesn't mean they don't have a plan. I would much rather see this team draft than I would overpay a player. Draft picks in my opinion are just as good as cap dollars.

David: The first week of free agency is when teams sign the big-money, franchise-altering deals – and we've known for a while now that the Cowboys aren't particularly interested in that strategy. That doesn't mean they're done adding pieces, though. In fact, I'd say it's a guarantee they find a few more pieces in the next month or so, not to mention the value of the upcoming draft. The first week of free agency is not the cut-off date for adding valuable players to your roster.

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