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Mailbag: What Happens If Tyron Smith Returns?


This is somewhat of a hypothetical question because we don't know if or when Tyron Smith will actually be able to come back this season. But with Tyler Smith exceeding everyone's expectations at left tackle and Jason Peters/Connor McGovern holding down left guard, what do you do with Tyron Smith if he's able to come back later this year? –CAMERON HAMRICK / MINT HILL, NC

Nick: What an interesting "problem" to have. In all honesty, I doubt it's a problem at all. Not saying that Tyron Smith won't be back – in fact, I think he will be back for December. But these things always have a tendency of working itself out. This one is no exception. If Tyron Smith comes back and gives them a better chance to win than Tyler Smith, I'm sure the Cowboys will make the switch. Or perhaps, someone moves to right tackle over Terence Steele. And who knows what's going on at the guard spot. But just like I always believed there will be a spot for a nine-time Pro Bowler in Jason Peters, I feel the same about eight-time Pro Bowler Tyron Smith.

Patrik: I believe Tyron Smith will return this season, and I'd venture a guess that he'd potentially be ready before most people think. That said, when he is 100% healthy, the Cowboys will instantly have the best problem ever on the left side of their offensive line between the two Smiths and Jason Peters – two future HOFers and an outstanding rookie – and this could go either way: Tyron Smith becomes the greatest swing tackle of all-time, or Tyler Smith moves to that role as the Cowboys defer to the HOFers as LT1 and LG1. I see reasoning in both, so I'd be fine with either; but do not move the rookie back inside.

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