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Mailbag: What if QB is best player available?


With all the uncertainty at the quarterback position after this season and the universal theory of drafting the best player available, if Dallas gets on the clock in either the first or second round and the best player on the board at that time is a quarterback, should they draft the QB or fill a more relevant position of need? I'm taking the QB. What are your thoughts? – Byron Scott/Glen Rock, PA

Patrik: I'll start by telling you that Jerry Jones himself said there could be a quarterback available at No. 24 that is "the best thing since ice cream" and you can "bet on" the Cowboys "not taking him". Smoke and mirrors, or seriously out? I'll let you decide which. It's an interesting situation indeed, seeing as both Dak Prescott and Trey Lance are in contract years — barring a new deal being done this summer on either — but I don't believe they'd pull the trigger on a QB in the first round. It's more likely they use that QB as bait to trade down for more picks, because they desperately need them; and hopefully those added picks are in the 1op 100 or very near. They traded for Lance to see what he has and have yet to, and they're still in on extending Prescott. All things considered, though not impossible, I simply don't see it.

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