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Mailbag: What Kind Of Back Is Best To Complement Murray?



With DeMarco Murray having good power, good speed, and good agility, what would complement him more, a power back or a speed back?

Rowan: Murray allows the team to go either direction with that backup, but I'd say a bigger back with durability. Really, an all-around back similar to Murray would probably be best suited as his backup, particularly considering that Murray's durability issues may lead to the backup starting a few games next season. Also, Lance Dunbar can provide what's needed from a smaller, speed back's perspective. They don't have a big bruiser on the team.

David: Obviously, you can attribute a lot of the Cowboys' problems running the ball in 2012 to their offensive line. Eight rushing touchdowns in an NFL season is a pretty woeful statistic. Even if the line improves, though, it couldn't hurt to give them some extra power in the backfield. Murray is a big, powerful guy, but I value his speed the most. Not only could a big power back help the line's production, it would probably be good for Murray's durability if he didn't have to do as much pounding between the tackles on obvious running downs.


How far do you think this draft can stretch for the Cowboys to find a RT that can compete with Free or Parnell for this year's team? Are guys like Brennan Williams, Chris Faulk, Xavier Nixon, or Dallas Thomas good enough right now to help this team or will they need a little seasoning?

Rowan: It's hard to pin down a specific round or which player it would end at. It's possible that a fourth or fifth round player could have a surprisingly productive camp and immediately compete for that spot, but my guess would be somewhere through the third round. A developmental tackle could turn out to be somewhat of a steal in those middle rounds. I'd still be surprised to see Free starting at right tackle for the Cowboys without a pay cut. [embedded_ad]

David: It's possible to find a capable Day One starter in almost any round of the draft, especially in this era where college players are more prepared than ever to make the professional jump. We've seen that proven across the league. Whether or not you manage that is impossible to tell until the guys get onto the field. Offensive tackle is probably one of the hardest positions to transition to in professional football. So if the Cowboys want to find a guy that can compete as a rookie, I'd recommend they nab him in one of the first two rounds. Of course you could always find a surprise star in the later rounds, but it's much less likely.

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