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Mailbag: What Kind Of Free Agent Is Dallas Considering?


I seem to remember that when the Cowboys signed Gerald Sensabaugh in 2009, they gave a low cost one-year deal to a relatively young but experienced player that he turned into a multi-year deal because of his play. Are these they type of moves we should expect given the Cowboys' cap issues?

Nick: I think that's fair. Remember, Sensabaugh was brought here mainly by special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, who had him in Jacksonville. Obvioulsy, the Cowboys liked him enough to assume he could contend for a starting job and he did that. But yeah, guys like Sensabaugh are probably going to be the type of player the Cowboys look at getting. But let's be honest, they all don't turn out like him. Will Allen, Brodney Pool, Dan Connor and Lawrence Vickers to name a few.

David: That's precisely what's going to happen, I think. Even if the Cowboys free up some more wiggle room in their negotiations with DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin, it's not like they're one of the league's big spenders. For example, Oakland has more than $60 million to work with in trying to acquire free agent talent. The better bet is a small handful of small contracts – either a longtime veteran with a little more gas in the tank, or an experienced player who couldn't catch on somewhere else. Maybe they'll fit, and maybe they won't. Either way, this team needs the extra bodies.

Taking into account the recent changes on the Cowboys' roster, do you see us picking up a veteran lineman in free agency, a younger talent in the draft -- or are both viable options?

Nick: Well, not sure if you mean offensive or defensive linemen, but both will do. On offense, the Cowboys still need a guard to back up Frederick and it makes more sense to get some veteran help here. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing Phil Costa back at a cheaper price. On defense, you need all kind of help there and you can't be picky. Free agency, draft, Wal-Mart, wherever you can find quality help on the defensive line, go for it .

David: I don't see any reason why they can't address both lines in May's draft. The Cowboys currently have eight picks. We all know how sorely help is needed on the defensive front, and the offensive line doesn't have a lot of quality depth after the team cut Costa before the weekend. Where you select these guys is up for debate – personally, I wouldn't mind taking an offensive tackle or a guard in the first round. Obviously, Aaron Donald and Timmy Jernigan are names we're all familiar with by now. And that's just at the top of the draft. This group of rookies looks very deep, and there should be some quality contributors there for the taking in the middle and late rounds. On top of that, they'd be cheap.

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