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Mailbag: What Lesser Known Players Could Make The Team?


It seems that each year an unexpected player who was given little to no chance to make the team actually comes through and does make the team. So far, any guesses on who that player might be this year?

Nick: The early favorite for that is Eric Rogers. The lanky wide receiver from Cal-Lutheran has been pretty good here in the first week of camp. He's caught just about every pass his way. We've yet to see him face the starting corners consistently but if he starts to occasionally beat Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr, it'll only enhance his chances of making it. I think Brandon Magee will have a chance to stick around if he can perform well on special teams.

Rowan: Rogers is one of the few undrafted rookie free agents who's already made his mark just a few days into camp. His size and ability to catch in traffic have set him apart a bit. The problem for him will be the numbers at receivers. The Cowboys are more deficient on the offensive line, so that could help Edawn Coughman make the team. Coughman's a natural tackle but can also move inside to guard to account for injuries.


I love what I keep reading about J.J. Wilcox. It seems like he really likes to hit and he's aggressive in putting ball carriers on the ground. What does he look like in coverage? Does he have a legitimate chance to start?

Nick: I really don't think he'll start right away. I think Will Allen will stay there with the first unit. But I wouldn't be surprised if he's working his way into that role by later in the same. Coverage-wise, he's been pretty good. I saw him with an interception off Tony Romo. He's just one of those guys who gets around the ball. And as his confidence grows, his awareness will improve, too.

Rowan: He hasn't looked lost in coverage and looks like one of those players who won't disappear when the pads come on. He lets everyone on offense know he's there, so he should be ready to lay a couple shots when he actually gets to hit some real opponents. Wilcox still needs some work in coverage, and more time with Jerome Henderson should help him along. It's a bit early to think he'll be an immediate starter at safety with a few other players ahead of him on the depth chart, but he does appear to be a playmaker that could become a starter in a short time.

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