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Mailbag: What Makes The Most Sense At No. 58?


With the way the roster is constructed, is cornerback starting to make the most sense to be the selection at pick 58? Maybe a player with safety/corner flex? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: I have been pretty vocal these last several weeks that cornerback is a possibility at 58. Kris Richard has attended several Pro Days where long/rangy guys have been working out. Would not surprise me one bit if that happens. It's a need that no one's talking about.

Rob: I don't know about No. 58, but it very well might be a position they look at depth-wise with Byron Jones rehabbing from hip surgery this offseason and Anthony Brown entering the final year of his contract. Again, it depends on how the draft falls. If you're projecting how the roster might look a year from now, safety should be in that same conversation. Jeff Heath, George Iloka and Kavon Frazier are only signed through 2019, too.


Do you think with the offseason moves there is more of a win-now mentality? With the current roster and the draft still to come, does this team have its best chance at winning a Super Bowl? - CALLUM IMRIE / BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, ENGLAND

Bryan: It's a young roster so I don't think it's a win-now mentality. They did add some veteran players but that's just on one-year deals. The best chance to get to a Super Bowl is if those young guys show up and play well.

Rob: Can't say there's more of a win-now mentality now than before. The trade for Amari Cooper was an all-in move in the middle of last season, too. But Robert Quinn and Randall Cobb are the most accomplished players they've added via the free agency/trading period in recent years. They don't just fill gaps. They're proven difference makers. With Lawrence signed, yes, the Cowboys have positioned themselves to go make another run at the title.

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