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Mailbag: What Next After Randy? Kicker Draft?


At first I was disappointed to hear Randy Gregory had reversed course and signed with the Broncos. Then I wondered if it might give them the cap space to sign someone like Bobby Wagner? I think he would be an upgrade to the defense, at least in the short term. — TOM CALLAHAN / SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA

Nick: Yeah, I think the Cowboys need to try and hit a home run with the savings. I just don't think they're going that route. Randy Gregory was probably a little out of their comfort zone in terms of price, but they were going to do it. So honestly, I would've probably taken that cash and paid Wagner, although the money and terms would've been different. Still, you could've made it work. To me, Wagner gives you almost two players because his ability to play linebacker will free up Micah Parsons to rush more on the outside. But do I think they'll do that? No. I think they'll try to sign Dorance Armstrong, maybe Jayron Kearse and probably a receiver or veteran linemen with the savings on the Gregory situation.

Rob: I agree that Wagner is still an effective player and the Cowboys have undoubtedly been looking into all free agent possibilities. (They look at pretty much everything, by the way. Due diligence.) Wagner is an off-the-ball linebacker, but the Cowboys need that position too, not only for sheer numbers but also so Micah Parsons can continue moving around at different spots. Gregory is a terrific player, and he probably was the Cowboys' best pure pass rusher, but there are ways to replace his six sacks and 30 pressures from last season. I'm confident they'll do something at this spot before the draft, but not sure exactly which direction they'll go yet. As always, it depends on money, and with players this talented, there's going to be competition from other teams.

Evan McPherson was a stud for Cincinnati last year. Are there any kickers that are worthy of a draft pick this year? — BOB LEFFORGE / SIOUX FALLS, SD

Nick: Yes, it sounds like there will be about 2-3 kickers drafted, which I would imagine is probably on the high side. And to your point, McPherson might be one of the reasons for that trend if it goes that way. For the Cowboys, they'll probably sign a veteran kicker to a minimum deal. And don't be surprised if it's a player that has been here before. But I'm with you on drafting a kicker, especially now the Cowboys have four fifth-round picks. Might as well take one on a kicker. Even though, just because McPherson was great in the playoffs, it doesn't mean this rookie will do the same. But at this point, worth a shot.

Rob: McPherson was the only kicker drafted last year, so I'm not sure if drafting kickers is becoming a thing around the league, but there are some talented prospects this year, including Cameron Dicker, who left the University of Texas a year early, and LSU's Cade York, who made some big kicks in high-leverage SEC games. It's an interesting thought because the Cowboys have a need there and they did just receive two compensatory draft picks at the end of the fifth round.

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