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Mailbag: What positions could still use help?


With roster cuts now out of the way, I'm assuming the Cowboys could be adding some new players to the team. What positions would you like to see them still shore up? Although, should we really expect much from guys coming in so late? Have there been players added after the cut-down day in recent years who went on to make a significant impact?Wilson Wright/Beaumont, TX

Nick Eatman: To me, it starts with the offensive line. Yeah, the five starters are set but it's a spot that has been injury-prone, especially with Tyron Smith. That being said, the backup spots are up in the air. Backup center is a huge question mark. Same with the swing tackle spot. If it's Matt Waletzko, who has never played significant snaps, or Asim Richards, who hasn't played at all. Across the board, it's offensive line because you have a good idea that you will need it. Linebacker is still thin and kicker makes me worried. I know Brandon Aubrey has a strong leg but we haven't seen him make some intermediate field goals at all. The jury is still out there, but we're about to find out.

Patrik: This is a challenging one to answer when I know for a fact the roster is still not settled, i.e., the practice squad must be constructed (16 players), waiver claims, etc. over the remainder of the week. That said, I would like to see the team address the situation at backup center (there currently isn't one on the roster at the time of my reply here) and linebacker depth is a serious concern right now. I'm interested in seeing if Dallas will grab a waived linebacker from outside of the building — Christian Kirskey comes to mind — though I don't expect they'll go out of their way to make a big splash when considering just how difficult their cutdowns were in the first place. The team is absolutely stacked at nearly every position, OL depth and LB depth notwithstanding, and that's a great position to be in, overall.

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