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Mailbag: What's New On The Anthony Spencer Front?



What's the status of Anthony Spencer's recovery? Do you think the Cowboys will resign him?

Nick: I still think the Cowboys will bring him back. The microfracture surgery is one of the more difficult procedures to recover from, much less get back to normal. Jerry Jones said two weeks ago that Spencer would be the best free agent on the market if he was healthy. That alone makes me think the Cowboys want to at least see how he recovers. I would imagine his agent would want to push for something before the draft but that doesn't mean teams, including the Cowboys, will bite.

Rowan: I think they do re-sign him, probably sometime after the draft and before camp. If teams were comfortable with Spencer's health situation, he'd have found a team during one of his multiple visits already. There are clearly some reservations after the microfracture surgery and he may not ever look like the old Spencer, but he's working out in the area and if anyone's on top of his recovery, it's the Cowboys. If he gets healthier in the coming weeks, I could see him being in Dallas on an affordable deal.


What does Dallas have to do to finally get over the hump and win the division?

Nick:Win that last game. [embedded_ad] Sounds simple, but it's true. Just have the fortitude to win a game for all of the marbles. You know this team will probably be in the hunt in the final month of the season. They've got to find a way to keep their star players healthy and on the field during that time. And at some point, just be tough enough to overcome the adversity that faces them in the end. At this point, it's not that complicated. It's been right there for the taking, just find a way to win. I know I'm being very general, but that's where we are. It's not one specific thing.  

Rowan: Stay healthy. There are going to be nicks and bruises along the way, but the amount of injuries this team, and particularly this defense, has suffered is difficult to overcome. I think that has a lot to do with why the Cowboys are trying to get younger. If they can be a relatively healthy team late in the year, they'll have a much better chance to finally get back over the hump.

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