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Mailbag: What's Next For Blake Jarwin?


I see that tight end Blake Jarwin is a restricted free agent. Will he be tendered and at what level? I'd really hate to see the guy go elsewhere and become a star. - ANDREW HARTNESS / FREDERICK, MD

David: I have to imagine he'll be tendered because there's no downside. We tend to overvalue Cowboys players because we spend all our time writing and talking about them, but I'd be willing to bet the front office could tender Jarwin at his original draft slot and keep him for 2020 on a $2 million salary. If they feel super strongly about him, they could assign him a second-round tender to make sure no other teams come sniffing around.

Rob: Questions about personnel are a little difficult to answer right now with almost an entirely new coaching staff that's just getting started evaluating the roster and scheme. I do know the franchise felt Jarwin took a step forward this past year, and quarterback Dak Prescott has always liked his ability. It would make sense to tender Jarwin an offer and secure right of first refusal, but that's just my guess. Teams have until March 15 to submit qualifying offers to restricted free agents.

I have a twofold question. The last I heard, Randy Gregory was signed through the 2020 season. But with the new coaching staff now in place, do you guys see him still being part of the team's plans going forward? And have you heard any updates on his status as far as his recovery goes? - ALAN GRANSEE / PLATTSMOUTH, NE

David: I ask someone about Randy's status once every month or so, and I typically get a shoulder shrug in response. At this rate, I'm not sure it's even worth wondering if he's in Mike McCarthy's plans, because no one seems to know if or when he might ever be reinstated. My suggestion would be to hope for the best — but don't expect much.

Rob: This is probably our most-asked Mailbag question of the offseason. Wish we had an answer for you on either front. The Cowboys can't have contact with Gregory, per the terms of his indefinite league suspension. And we're approaching a year since this current suspension was announced by NFL. It's just hard to predict what his football future will be. And with a new coaching staff here, it's even harder to speculate on his future in Dallas if he's reinstated at some point.

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