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Mailbag: What's Next Move If Kyle Orton Does Retire?



If Kyle Orton does in fact retire, will Jason Garrett bring in a quarterback to take snaps during training camp? Maybe someone with some upside such as Josh Freeman?

Rowan: I don't really expect there to be any rush to grab another veteran. I think they're prepared for that possibility, which is why Brandon Weeden and Caleb Hanie are currently on the roster and they grabbed undrafted rookie Dustin Vaughan after the draft. They have enough arms right now to at least get by without having to frantically grab someone else.

Nick: I don't think it'll be someone like that. Probably a younger guy who is a rookie free agent. Then again, this team has four quarterbacks without Orton. But I think you're forgetting the Cowboys have already done that. The guy with "upside" is Weeden, who has a lot more of it than Freeman.

It's still early, but which team in the NFC East do you think has the biggest questions and what position?

Rowan:Particularly this early into 2014, I know the Cowboys way better than the rest of the division, and maybe it's that reason that I'd stick with this team and say linebacker. The Cowboys are used to using Sean Lee, but not this early in the season. They'll have to do a lot of mixing and matching to try to figure out the right [embedded_ad] combination. I'd also stick with this team and say the second biggest question is the defensive line in Dallas, just because there's so many new or unproven or inconsistent players.

Nick: Every team has question marks. I wouldn't say one more than the other. Certianly we know this team better but you can look at all of the teams and wonder if the Eagles will be hurt by the loss of Desean Jackson, or if RG3 returns to form in Washington or if the Giants can bounce back behind Eli. They all have issues right now. For the Cowboys, you wonder if the defense can just be competitive again, despite losing key players from last year's team in Ware, Hatcher and now Lee.

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