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Mailbag: What's The Cowboys' Reaction To The Big Trades In The NFC East?



As the Cowboys' NFC rivals continue to load up with high profile free agents like Michael Bennett and Alec Ogletree, the Cowboys sit and do nothing. These players are being had for 4th and 5th round picks. The Cowboys have multiple picks in those ranges. What benefit does not going after these guys, for cheap picks, give to the Cowboys?

Bryan: As much as you want to bash this front office for not going after high-priced talent, you fail to give them credit for drafting these last few years. The majority of the players that are All-Pro or Pro Bowl players were scouted and drafted. They're likely to lose Anthony Hitchens, who by the way was scouted and drafted to a big contract. That same 4th round pick that you wanted to give away was used to select him -- let's not forget that. 

David:I've said this a few times since the season ended. In general, I applaud the Cowboys for their conservative approach to free agency. But take a look around the league, and you'll see some of its most successful teams making aggressive deals to improve their rosters. Obviously, the Cowboys have to think about the salary cap and the fit of specific players. But I'd like to think there's some lessons they can learn from teams like Philadelphia and New England.



Do you think drafting a left guard (Will Hernandez, please!) now takes priority given the fact the Eagles just upgraded their already scary defense with Michael Bennett?

Bryan: The strength of this team is still the offensive line. Drafting Isaiah Wynn or Will Hernandez would be outstanding and likely strengthen the group. But just to draft a guard because the opponents added a defensive end is the totally the wrong approach. You don't put yourself in a box during the draft. You set your board and draft the players that can help you regardless of the position. 

David:Michael Bennett's a great player, but let's give the Eagles their due. They've had one of the best defensive lines in the league for years. This addition doesn't really change much, it just affirms what we already knew. If the Cowboys are making draft decisions based on two games against what was already a formidable opponent, then they're making a mistake. Fortunately, I think they've got a clearer view of the big picture.

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