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Mailbag: What's the Downside to Cutting 3 QBs?


How much risk, if any, is there to waiving all three backup quarterbacks (Cooper Rush, Will Grier and Ben DiNucci) on Tuesday and what do you expect to happen next? – JOSEPH B. COOK / JACKSON, MS

Nick: There can't be a lot of risk involved. Sadly enough, the Cowboys must be completely fine with the worst-case scenario, and that's Grier getting claimed and Rush deciding to go somewhere else. They don't think that's going to happen but obviously they're confident in a Plan B, or would that be C or D? Who knows? But it sounds like they're confident Rush and/or Grier will be back and they can just be called up before each game, at least three times each. To be honest, it's a pretty creative way to get around the NFL rules.

Patrik: There's no way the Cowboys walk into the regular season with only Dak Prescott as their sole QB. I expect they have a plan that will either secure Rush and/or Grier or, worst-case, they'll locate a veteran option in the even their plan falls through. No matter how you slice it though, there will be two QBs available to them come Sept. 11.

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