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Mailbag: What's The Effect of Josh McDaniels' Decision On Matt Eberflus?



Any chance the Cowboys can retain Matt Eberflus now that Josh McDaniels jilted the Colts?

Bryan: I don't believe so. The plan I heard from folks around the league that the Colts were happy to have him as their defensive coordinator. The only chance he'd come back is if things changed with Marinelli and I don't see that happening. 

David:As far as I understand it, Eberflush has signed his contract and is on board with the Colts. I suppose Indianapolis could allow him out of that contract because of the circumstances, but I imagine  he'd still rather be the defensive coordinator up there than coach linebackers here. It's something worth keeping an eye on during this coaching search, though.



Do you think the Cowboys will go after Malcolm Butler when he becomes a free agent in March or do you think they are content with their young guys?

Bryan: There are some really good corners in this draft, so I can see that being their plan of attack first over a guy like Butler. These young kids as you mentioned did do a nice job and deserve to continue to try and grow in the job. 

David:I wonder about the cornerback position as a whole – in both the draft and free agency. I'm not saying these young guys are Pro Bowlers, but they showed promise in 2017 and deserve a chance to continue to grow in those roles. Maybe we might see some additions through the draft, or a less expensive veteran free agent. But I don't think the Cowboys would hand a huge contract to Butler when they have these promising young talents.

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