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Mailbag: What's The Word On Kyle Wilber? Seastrunk's Prospects?


What's the word on Kyle Wilber? He seemed to finally find his role last year and played very well in situational packages. Does he make the roster with all the newcomers?*

Bryan:Right now Wilber is your starting SAM linebacker and a core special teamer. There is always a place for a guy like Wilber who can help you at a couple of different spots. As a staff it's hard to part ways with a guy that you can trust not to mess things up.

Nick: He's the guy easily forgotten, but the coaching staff never does. He's just a solid player at the SAM, a spot that typically isn't considered the top priority. But Wilber is one of those core special teams guys, and for that, I see him making this team, especially with the numbers so thin right now, forcing the team to sign both Will Smith and Keith Smith.




In all the agonizing about Darren McFadden's hammy, why has nobody mentioned Lache Seastrunk?  He was a burner at Baylor and has some League experience with Washington.  I think he may be the reason that no move has been made to grab another running back in a panic.  How has he looked?

Bryan:I have said this before and I will say it again – if Seastrunk makes the practice squad it will be a very nice story. I am not expecting him to be a good as he was at Baylor, because there is so much that he even needs to learn to have a chance to be on this roster.

Nick: I don't agree that his presence is the reason they haven't signed a veteran. Seastrunk is fast and very quick. But he needs to learn this offense as soon as possible. With comparable skill-set to Dunbar, it won't be easy for him to make the team. Practice squad might be his best chance to stick around, but you never know. We thought about Dunbar a few years ago and he did enough to stick around.  

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