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Mailbag: What's your favorite Larry Allen moment? 


What a sad day for Cowboys Nation to see the passing of Larry Allen. He was by far my favorite player growing up. He's the reason I started to play offensive line and he's why the linemen are my favorite players to watch because they don't get the love like the other players. I know I have my favorite moments, but just curious what some of the writers would say as their favorite Larry Allen plays or stories.Darren Valdes, Albuquerque, N.M.

Mickey Spagnola: Maybe it was the first big impression of Larry Allen, Dec. 19, 1994, a second-round draft choice from Sonoma State. Cowboys playing the Saints, in New Orleans. A Troy Aikman pass is batted at the line of scrimmage that Saints linebacker Darion Connor intercepts at the Saints 28-yard line and takes off down the left sideline. Allen, all 6-3, 335 pounds of him is playing left guard and is standing still at the line of scrimmage at the 32-yard line. The rookie with unnatural athletic ability – told he could dunk a basketball from a standing start – takes off way on the other side of the field and runs down untouched Connor who had a running start, making the tackle at the Cowboys 16-yard line to save a pick six. To this day, can remember watching with a slack-jaw in awe, as if to say, dang, did I really see that. See I did and would see even more during his 12-year Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys.

Nick Eatman: I probably covered Allen's second-half of his career since I started in 1999. But one of my most memorable moments wasn't even during a play, but after an extra point attempt. In a 2005 game against the 49ers, the Cowboys just missed an extra point by Jose Cortez, who wasn't pleased with the snap or the hold, and shouted something that everyone could hear. Apparently, Larry Allen didn't appreciate it. Now, let's remember that Allen wasn't the snapper and definitely not the holder. But he was in earshot of Cortez so he decided to react, grabbing and yanking on Cortez's face mask, nearly sending the kicker to the ground in one motion. That to me, was the epitome of Allen. He probably didn't even say anything, since he rarely did. But he had a mean streak that carried him throughout his career and most of the times it was the opponent that felt the wrath. But his teammates weren't always in the clear either.

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