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Mailbag: What Should Be Made Of Jenkins' Lack Of Snaps?

Could Mike Jenkins' lack of playing time indicate that they're trying to make sure he stays healthy to potentially facilitate a trade?

BRYAN: I don't think they are trying to trade Jenkins. He is healthy enough and he just didn't play as much in the game last week against the Panthers because of what they did in the scheme. The Cowboys are about to face some teams that really throw the ball, they are going to need Jenkins to help with flexibility in the secondary.

NICK: That's not a bad assumption there. There has to be a good reason why he's not playing, especially with the injuries this team has had at safety. So in the nickel and dime packages, Jenkins would give you a chance to have better cover guys on the field. If you look at the number of snaps since that Tampa Bay game, Jenkins has gone down significantly in each game, including only one snap Sunday.

With Anthony Spencer playing so well this year, will the team try to resign him long term or let him go?

BRYAN: I think they will wait and see what the market says to do. They used the franchise tag so they think enough of him to pay him that kind of money. They drafted Kyle Wilber and they also have Alex Albright to fall back on. If the numbers get crazy, I think they pass but that is something that we will find out during the offseason.

NICK: That's an interesting dilemma now. The Cowboys might want to look into locking him up – I think they should – but now Spencer's camp is probably looking to hold off and possibly test the open market next March. It's always a risk when you look to wait, and that goes for both sides. Spencer could want to wait and then he gets hurt and it changes everything. The Cowboys might want to wait and then he blows up with a career season and out-prices himself. He's going to get paid somewhere. But when, and by whom, are key questions.

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