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Mailbag: What To Make Of Randle's Walk-Out? Update On Nzeocha, Green?

Jared RawlsTampa, Fla.

Where does Joseph Randle walking out on the team rank among big issues with the team? Or is this just another case of his immaturity coming to the surface?

Bryan: I could understand Randle's frustration but there could also be more to the story here – so we might need to keep that in mind. As for him losing his job, he has no one to blame here but himself. These coaches gave him the opportunity to take this job and be that guy but he was unable to do that. I will say that the blocking was not great for him but they were just looking for more and he didn't delivery thus the switch to McFadden full time.

Nick: Well, I certainly don't think it's going to affect the team in preparing for Seattle this week. This team deals with a lot of distractible things, so this one just falls right in line. Considering Randle might not even play because of his oblique/back issue, I wouldn't call this is a big deal … to the team. Now for him, it's just another head-scratching moment. This was the same guy last week who said he had a new perspective and was appreciative of having this opportunity to play in the NFL. Obviously he's a competitor and realizes he didn't take advantage of his chance to start. But it doesn't warrant bolting the complex. Sounds like he'll be back Thursday and perhaps back to practice. But it's another strike against a player who already has a few coming in.  

Michael SewellBartlesville, Okla.

Aside from Tony Romo, are we expecting some other injured guys like Chaz Green and Mark Nzeocha to get back to practice soon?

Bryan: Was told that Nzeocha did return to practice and was able to help with the scout team – so that was a step in the right direction. Still waiting to see what they do with Green and I am positive that he will take the same route once he is cleared.

Nick: These PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) rules have changed a bit in the last few years. It used to  be they could sit out for six weeks and the began a three-week window practice. Now, it's 12 weeks they can miss until starting the window. And that might be what we see from Green, who seems to be coming along on his rehab from offseason hip surgery. But it doesn't sound like he's real close to returning. The Cowboys might be thinking about keeping him out until the Thanksgiving time before seeing if he can practice. As for Nzeocha, he actually came back this week to begin his three-week window. After three weeks, the Cowboys can either put him on the active roster, or decide to revert him to IR.  

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