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Mailbag: What Will Be Cobb's Role & Impact?


Considering the financial component, I would much rather have Cobb for $5 million on a one-year deal than the deal Beasley signed with Buffalo. But removing the financial aspects from the comparison, is Randall Cobb an upgrade, downgrade or wash compared to Cole Beasley? - DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

Bryan: Where Cobb is better than Beasley is run after catch. Both have outstanding hands and route running ability, but Cobb has him on the physicality after catch along with his ability to also play outside. For the deal they got on him it's a smart get.

Rob: Bryan nailed it. Cobb probably gives you a little more position flexibility to move outside. This is a quality signing because you can't minimize what Beasley did for Dak Prescott in slot and underneath on third down. Jason Witten will help there, of course, and now Cobb restores that short-area quickness element.


With the signing of Randall Cobb, do you expect him to earn playing time as a punt/kick returner? Does Tavon Austin have command of punt return duty? - J.M. SMITH / ST. CHARLES, MD

Bryan: I really don't see Cobb returning kicks unless it's a special situation. At this point of his career maintaining his health is line one, so I believe you'll see Austin or Jourdan Lewis handling that role.

Rob: I would expect Austin to return punts again, but I'm interested to see what Austin's role will be with Kellen Moore running the offense. He averaged only about 17 snaps in seven regular-season appearances last year. It's worth noting Cobb has 163 career kick and punt returns himself, but he hasn't done much of either since 2014 in Green Bay.

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