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Mailbag: When Is Dez Bryant Going To Live Up To His Talent?


When is Dez Bryant going to live up to his talent? From a fan perspective, I'm tired of hearing about his potential.

Nick: He might not ever. I hope that's not the case, but it's the reality of it. His "potential" and talent should've made him a Top 5 pick back in 2010. He went to the 24th. Why? Because it's obviously about more than talent. He needs to be a more focused player and he's improved in that area, but Sunday was an example how a few bad plays seemed to take him out of his game. Let's not forget he's had just one 100-yard game in his career. The same as Kevin Ogletree. Dez has consistency issues, not just in a season, but in a game. So to answer your question, he might not ever live up to the expectations, especially because they are so high and he has no history of consistent production.

Josh: Sorry, I can't give you an exact date, and the Cowboys can't either. He's a work in progress, and you probably have to get used to the idea that there is no finish line where you'll just say, 'OK, he's got it.' Experience will help him, even hard times like Sunday, when I thought Seattle frustrated him so much that he checked out of the game mentally. I didn't think we would see a day like that from him this year, but it just goes to show that he's not there yet. You'll have to hope he can take some steps forward as the season progresses.


Why does Jerry Jones continue to try to speak for Jason Garrett on player personnel, like with Felix Jones this week?

Nick: Everything Jason Garrett has said about Felix Jones has been exactly the same, if not even more positive. There is a perception obviously that Jerry tells Garrett who to play, but I think you'd be surprised how many times Jerry's thoughts are a result of what the coaches and/or scouts are thinking. I'm not saying Jerry doesn't have his own opinions at all, but in this particular case, I think the coaches view Felix as the best option to be backup RB and kickoff returner.

Josh: I don't think he tries to speak for him, but you have a point that Jerry isn't as concerned about playing every answer right down the middle, as noncommittal as possible, like Garrett. The guys on the radio station asked Jerry what he thought about Felix, and I think he gave them the team's consensus opinion. Ask Garrett the same question, and he'll dance around it entirely. Those are two different styles, but I don't think it's a display of Jerry usurping any power from Garrett.

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