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Mailbag: When Would A Drafted QB Start In Dallas?



If the Cowboys agree with Troy Aikman and draft our future QB, when would he actually play if Romo signs an extension?

Rowan: Romo's been in the league 10 years now and has started seven. He probably has at least a few solid years left. Drafting a future quarterback at this point would mean developing someone behind Romo and implanting him probably in about three or four years, depending on how the next couple seasons go.

Nick: I'm not sure Aikman said they need to draft the guy to play right now. I think he's thinking it might be time to draft a guy with potential who could learn the game and sit for a while. Remember Romo didn't take a snap until midway into his fourth season. That might be a little extreme but I think you can draft a young guy AND sign Romo to an extension.

I know they've been targeting high character guys, and I agree, but if Tyrann Mathieu could fall into their lap say in the 2nd or 3rd round, do you take the chance on him?

Rowan:I'd actually be surprised if he went that high. I got to watch his skills on full display for multiple years, and his abilities as a playmaker are uncanny and remarkable. I've never seen a defensive back be able to take the ball away with such ease. But his coverage abilities could use some work, he's been out of football for a year now [embedded_ad] and the Honey Badger's off the field issues have been well documented. I see him more as a mid-round selection, but I doubt it's to the Cowboys.

Nick: Would I take a chance on him? Yes, I would. Would the Cowboys? Probably not. But I would because I've seen the clips of him and his skills are unreal. I seriously think he's more of an offensive player because he gets the ball in his hands so often, I think he'd be a pretty good slot receiver if he could run decent routes. I just think he's got the skills for a receiver. But wherever he plays, he'll be good as long as he stays committed and focused.

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