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Mailbag: Where Do You Put Moore If Scandrick Returns?


Sterling Moore has really been showing up in these last two games. It looked like he was playing better than Morris Claiborne. Has he shown enough to earn more playing time when Orlando Scandrick comes back?

Rowan: I asked that exact question to Jason Garrett in Monday's presser. He deserves some playing time the rest of the way. I just don't see many scenarios where the coaches are willing to take Claiborne off the field in nickel scenarios. All else being equal, and if we weren't talking about a top 10 pick he's competing with for playing time, Moore would continue to get opportunities because of his play on the field. There were a couple plays Moore was on and Claiborne was off in Tennessee when the Titans utilized just one receiver, but I need to see it to believe it when Scandrick comes back, particularly in traditional two-and three-receiver sets.

Bryan: Claiborne did play better but when Scandrick does come back this week you will see him as the starter. With that being said I would strongly consider putting Moore on the field outside and letting Scandrick still continue to play inside thus Claiborne would be off. Another change that they might consider is putting Moore on the field for Wilcox at safety and allow him to work in coverage single high or over the tight end with Church deep. They have some options going forward in my mind.

How much of the defense's improvement can we attribute to Rod Marinelli?

Rowan:A lot. But I want to hold off on taking that too far. The defense [embedded_ad] played really well against Jake Locker and can't be blamed for the majority of the 28 points allowed against the 49ers, although that game was so wacky it's hard to take much from it. Marinelli did a fantastic job getting his team ready for Tennessee, and they'll get to face a backup quarterback against the Rams. If they can look the way they did against the Titans when they play the Saints in two weeks, it's a huge credit to Marinelli, who should get more reinforcements coming in Scandrick and Spencer in the coming weeks.

Bryan: I give him plenty of credit because he is now playing to the strengths of his players. He knows that they have their limits but he is not asking them to do things scheme wise that they are not able to do. He is tailoring his game plans around the players that he has thus this is why I believe the defense is playing better.

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