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Mailbag: Which Cowboys Injury Hurts The Most?


Hoping Tyron Smith, Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb and others can get back this week. I don't think injuries should be an excuse but there's no doubt it's affecting our offense. Which do you think hurts us most? I think Tyron because there's got to be a comfort factor for Dak when he's in there. Thanks.WAENARD W / FORT WORTH, TX

Bryan: I think both tackles being out has hurt this club. Kellen Moore has to be concerned with play calls without those two in the lineup for the safety of his quarterback. The loss of Cooper hasn't helped either because you lose the threat of those explosive plays. Michael Gallup needs to step up. 

Rob: That's a tough one. I'll say Cooper because of the impact he's had on the passing game since coming over from Oakland. They're 11-5 with him in the lineup, not counting the Jets game in which he played only a series. He's been getting terrific separation against some very good corners. Just makes Prescott's job so much easier. They missed those chunk plays last week.

Why didn't the Cowboys promote Daniel Wise over Justin Hamilton? Wise looked good in preseason and the Talkin'/Break Crew all thought he'd be claimed if the Cowboys waived him. - HOWARD STEVENS / ALLENTOWN, PA

Bryan: Wise is a different style of player. Lighter body that's more of a defensive end than tackle. They needed a bigger body inside and Hamilton is that type of guy at 315 pounds.

Rob: Hard to make a direct comparison because Hamilton might bring a little different dimension than Wise. He's 315 pounds, a bigger body they could use in the middle of the line. Wise is 285, more in the Tyrone Crawford position flex mold.

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