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Mailbag: Which Injury Has The Biggest Impact Right Now?


Of the various injuries, which one player has you the most concerned in regards to the impact it will have on the team?

Bryan: I have said this a bunch this training camp but the injury to Morris Claiborne's knee is one that has me a little bit concerned. What I don't like about the injury is that Claiborne makes his living with his legs and any situation that keeps him from using those legs to their full capacity is going to have an impact on how he plays. To his credit, Claiborne battled through other medical problems to play well his rookie season but having knee issues at the position he plays plus having these problems at such a young age is truly a cause for concern.

Nick: That's a good question. Jay Ratliff would be a good answer here but I think Nick Hayden and Sean Lissemore will be fine. I think I'll go with Ron Leary's knee injury. It keeps him out for a few weeks and creates more doubt at guard. Now, they have to figure out if David Arkin can do the job, or maybe slide Doug Free to guard and play Jermey Parnell. While center Travis Frederick could use the continuity, don't forget Leary needs his snaps, too. I think that injury causes a ripple effect of questions that are tough to answer right now.


From what you have seen, do you believe Tyron Smith will be a dominant left tackle or just a solid one? Should the Cowboys move him back to the right side (where he was dominant) and draft someone who can be a dominant left tackle?

Bryan: What we need to remember is that Tyron Smith is in his third season but he is only 22 years old. Sure he can become a dominant left tackle in this league but at least give him a chance first to grow physically and mentally before we start talking about him not being that type of player. There is no doubt that he had his struggles against DeMarcus Ware this training camp but he has not tried to hide from the competition but there have also been some days where he has gotten after Ware pretty good. I truly believe that the older that Smith gets, the better he will become because that is how the position of offensive lineman tends to work.  

Nick: Well, you used the word "dominant" three times and I'm not sure that word applies at all. No, I don't think Tyron Smith will be dominant based on what I've seen. I don't think you would call Flozell Adams dominant and he was pretty dang good. You could move to the right side but only if there's a capable replacement. At 6-5, I've always thought Smith was a tad undersized to play left tackle. I like the guy in the 6-7, 6-8 range with longer arms. Smith is good and the best lineman on the team. But that doesn't mean they can't get better.

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