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Mailbag: Which WRs Are Building Rapport With Dak?




I realize it is still early in the summer, but with the OTA's and minicamp work done. Is there a particular wide receiver or tight end that Dak seems to be building a good rapport with?

Bryan:That's a great question. The guys that come to mind for this me are Michael Gallup and Blake Jarwin. Those guys have found ways to generate space and have been reliable catching the ball when it's thrown in their direction.

David: I have no idea if it will help him make the team, but there is no denying the rapport that Dak has built with Lance Lenoir. The two have been working together throughout the offseason, and it showed up in these spring practices. Lenoir has his work cut out for him in training camp, but he is building trust where it counts.


With Jason Witten's retirement is the priority for the next tight end going to be their ability to block? Who is the best blocking TE we have?

Bryan:Without the pads on that's a tough one to nail down. I believe that, when we get to Oxnard, Dalton Schultz is going to be the one that shows up the best. I am basing this on my studying of his college tape while at Stanford. He played in a system where he was required to be a point of attack player with toughness so I could see that carrying over to the NFL.

David: This coaching staff is not going to lean on a tight end that cannot block. It's hard for me to say whether Geoff Swaim will be as good as Jason Witten right off the bat, but I definitely believe that his experience is going to give him a leg up in that department. That's why I expect him to be the starter by the end of camp.

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