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Mailbag: Who could make an immediate impact?


While I agree the Cowboys got good value with almost every pick, that doesn't mean those players are going to start, which to me is really disappointing given the holes they need to fill. Do you agree the Cowboys really need to hit on at least four of their eight picks? When I say "hit", I mean guys who are going to make a positive impact right out of the gate. If so, who? – Collin Clark/Kingsland, TX

Nick Harris: There's a good potential for Tyler Guyton and Cooper Beebe to get a ton of run, if not starting, next season up front. Marshawn Kneeland, Marist Liufau and Caelen Carson most likely factor into the depth on the defensive side of the ball, but will most likely be called upon in the event of injury to veterans in front of them. Ryan Flournoy will compete for a roster spot in the receiver group, and as we saw last season with Jalen Brooks, that stills allows for opportunities. Nathan Thomas most likely factors into the depth of the offensive line and Justin Rogers will have a great opportunity to compete for a spot while Mazi Smith recovers from offseason shoulder surgery.

Patrik: They need to hit on virtually every pick, so let's get that straight right out of the gate. That's the goal every year, which goes without saying, but even more so in an offseason that's been basically on mute in free agency. I'll also go ahead and say I believe that great (not simply good) value on several of these picks actually does imply a readiness to start over simply going for need. What I mean by that is this: if Cooper Beebe is a second-round grade landed in the third, he's theoretically more ready to start now than a prospect with a true third-round grade; and the same applies to someone like Marshawn Kneeland, whom Dane Brugler himself had ranked No. 32 on his board (Cowboys got him at 56th-overall). These are things to consider when looking at this class. Realistically, it probably won't be a 100 percent hit rate, but several of these players not only have the talent to make an impact early, but also the opportunity to.

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