Mailbag: Who Do The Rams Want At No. 1? Interest In Dominique Easley?


I am a little surprised what the Rams gave up to move up to the top pick. Who do you think they covet that highly? How do you think this might change what is available to the Cowboys at No. 4?*

Nick: I don't think you make this move for anything but a quarterback. Could be wrong, but traditionally, when you go to No. 1, it's for that reason. What better way to make a splash with your new team and new city, than to take a franchise quarterback at No. 1? For the Cowboys, I think it just opens up another position player for them, and perhaps Laremy Tunsil, who we all thought was going No. 1. Now, I think the phone might ring more for that No. 4 pick now because if other teams, such as the Eagles and 49ers really want a passer, they might not get what they want without a trade. So I think if the Cowboys are seeking a trade to move down a few spots, this might help that scenario.

David: There is no doubt in my mind the Rams made that move to secure a quarterback. Whether it's Carson Wentz or Jared Goff is something we'll have to wait to find out. What it changes for Dallas probably depends on what Cleveland does with pick No. 2. If the Browns pick a quarterback, then you're talking about the likelihood that either Laremy Tunsil or Jalen Ramsey is available for the Cowboys. If the Browns go another direction, then perhaps the Cowboys have a great chance to either draft a quarterback or try to trade down.

Any rumors of interest with the recent release of Dominique Easley from the Patriots?

Nick: The Cowboys will always be linked to every player for some reason. We're getting pretty close to the point where teams would rather just not do anything because they want to see how the draft plays out. I think there are plenty of reasons the Cowboys would want to pass on this – at least for now. Let's see what happens at the end of this month and I would imagine there might be a few more teams that get interested in Easley.

David: Easley piques my interest because he's a former first-round pick who was released after just two seasons. He fits a lot of criteria for what the Cowboys look for in free agent acquisitions – think back to Rolando McClain, for instance. Having said that, if it's true New England released him for off-the-field reasons, I won't be surprised if the Cowboys steer clear.


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