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Mailbag: Who Do You See Making Improvements? 


I know it's hard to gauge much in OTAs and minicamp, but who are some players from the 2022 team that you are hoping or expecting to see more improvement from on the field? Also, have you seen improvement from anyone that you weren't really expecting as much from? - Darryl Cross/Largo, FL

Nick Harris: Simply put: Jalen Tolbert. The second-year jump that everyone in the building is hoping he can make is palpable, and the opportunity exists behind Lamb, Cooks and Gallup. There is an energized feel about Tolbert so far this offseason that hasn't existed since he's been in the building, and the chemistry that he's been able to build with Dak Prescott both on and off the field has been noticeable through this point in minicamp. In Tuesday's minicamp session, he was able to connect with Prescott multiple times including on a pair of red zone scores streaking across the back of the end zone. Tolbert has the traits and the speed to be a threat in this league, it's just about putting it together and staying healthy in order to capitalize on his opportunities. 

Mickey: Great point, hard to gauge much in these very light practices. But tell you what, as for guys taking that next step, think the Cowboys are expecting a much-improved Jabril Cox, not only at linebacker but also special teams. Seems he is moving much better and with more confidence since last year when returning from his torn ACL halfway thought his rookie season. Let's keep an eye on him in some of their changeup third down defenses. Also, another guy playing with more confidence and seemingly moving better is wide receiver Jalen Tolbert. Will be hard to break into the top three receiver group, he's one of those guys who will be expected to take that next step up. And let's throw offensive lineman Matt Waletzko into that group, too, seemingly fully recovered from his shoulder injury landing him on injured reserve for the remainder of his rookie season.

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