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Mailbag: Who Has The Most To Prove? Improving The Depth At Cornerback?

You may have seen ESPN's piece on the player from each team with the most to prove this season. Romo was the player selected for the Cowboys. Who would you pick, other than Romo, as the player with the most to prove this season?

Bryan: Benson Mayowa. It is not often that a team can go after a restricted free agent and make it work. The front office tabbed him as the guy to use resources on. I liked what I observed from his tape with the Raiders and his ability to rush the passer. Mayowa is going to need to find a way to not only provide sacks (6 to 8) but consistency pressure when he just can't quite get there. Mayowa can't be an up-and-down player if this defense is going to do well.  

David:Knowing all the circumstances around his situation, how could it be anyone but Randy Gregory? The Cowboys spent a premium draft pick on Gregory, banking that they could keep him in line – and they were completely wrong. He got himself suspended for four games, and his loss puts the pass rush in a bad spot. Plenty of people are already writing Gregory off as a draft bust because they don't trust him to stay clean. If Gregory wants to prove them all wrong, he's got to stay out of trouble and stay productive. He's got an awful lot of work to do.

Early in free agency, the Cowboys seemed to be looking at several, potential third Cornerbacks, but lately nothing. Assuming Byron Jones is moved to safety full time, is there any way the Cowboys can still find an outside upgrade over their projected "starting" trio?

Bryan: Keep an eye on Anthony Brown, who was drafted in the sixth round. In my opinion, he is a cheap and better option than those guys they missed on in free agency and who are currently on the street. Terrance Mitchell is another option that came on late in the season and had his moments as well. I don't believe this group is as bad as people might think.

David:I wonder if maybe the Cowboys looked at guys like Nolan Carroll as bargaining chips – means to get Brandon Carr to agree to a pay cut. Now that Carr's price is reduced, perhaps it doesn't seem so necessary. Honestly, I'm not overly worried about the cornerbacks in 2016. I think the trio of Carr, Scandrick and Claiborne is adequate. What concerns me is the future, considering that Scandrick is the only one of those three with a longterm future in Dallas. This team is going to be looking at corner as a big-time offseason priority next year.


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