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Mailbag: Who Is The Best Bet To Break Out Against Seattle?



How has a player coming off the street, having quit twice, become what many are saying is the leader of the Cowboys defense?

David: You're no doubt referring to Rolando McClain, for those not familiar, and it's a good point. It all sounded like preseason lip service during training camp, but it really does seem like McClain has been able to put his past behind him since he wound up on the Cowboys' roster. Since he got back from his July court date, McClain hasn't been in the news for anything other than football, and that's bound to give him some credibility in the organization. As far as the team itself, the best way to earn the respect and admiration of fellow football players is probably to play the way he has these first few weeks.

Nick: You're leaving out the part about being the No. 8 overall pick a few years ago and arguably one of the best players to come out of Alabama in recent years. Yeah, the stuff you mentioned was true, but McClain is finally tapping into that potential that made him such a high pick. I don't think he's completely out of the woods with all of the issues he's had. But he wouldn't be the first player the Cowboys have taken in and surrounded him with a positive support team. When it comes to playing the game, McClain has instincts, toughness and that "dog" in him that this defense has missed.


I've been scratching my head all week thinking of how our beloved Cowboys will approach this Seattle squad. They are pretty solid on both sides of the ball. If we can't run, that throws off the rhythm the offense has been in all season. Who is the guy who might step up that nobody is talking about yet? Could it be Dwayne Harris or Cole Beasley's big day?


David: I'm not sure this is an offense that is going to lean on some surprise weapon. The Cowboys have their guys, and they're going to attack you based on how you defend them. The Seahawks are bound to focus on stopping DeMarco Murray, which should give the passing game some favorable looks. Well, as favorable a look as you can hope for against a defense this good, at least. I wonder if maybe Seattle safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas will play closer to the line of scrimmage, which could give the tight ends a chance to break out – be that Jason Witten or either of his backups.

Nick: I don't know if we're talking about him or not, but Terrance Williams has a chance to be a difference maker every week and this is no exception. Stretching the field vertically is huge against teams that can stop the run. The Cowboys can't be afraid to take their shots down the field and Williams will be the best guy for that. I'm seeing a few throws to him that might open up the defense.

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