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Mailbag: Who Looks More Likely To Earn A 3rd QB Spot?


Thoughts on who has looked better up to this point for the third quarterback spot: Caleb Hanie or Dustin Vaughan?

Nick Eatman: I don't think it comes down to who is better. Actually, I don't even think they will keep three quarterbacks, especially since you already know defensive end will go deep because of Lawrence. Who knows if they have another injury that puts them in the same boat. Hanie is definitely better but the third quarterback will likely be on the practice squad. And if that's the case, Hanie isn't eligible. I think Vaughan throws a nice ball and has a chance to develop.

Rowan Kavner:  Between the two, it's been Hanie. Both quarterbacks have had their issues early on, but we've seen more bright moments from Hanie, who's had a few nice throws during the 7-on-7 periods. Too often, little mistakes for Vaughan, including miscues on handoffs and high throws to receivers, have hurt him. At this point, both those players will need strong efforts in the preseason for the Cowboys to consider keeping three quarterbacks on the roster.

I haven't heard Ahmad Dixon's name. He was a big time hitter at Baylor. Do you guys think he makes the team?

Nick Eatman: That's what makes it hard to evaluate him right now. The thing that made him such a good player at Baylor isn't something he's been able to show off just yet. Now that being said, the Cowboys need him to be a better safety as well. So far, we haven't seen any big plays but sometimes good college players like that tend to show up when the lights come on. He's going to have to be a good special teams player to make it.

Rowan Kavner: He was low on our staff list of safety rankings, and he just hasn't done enough this camp to catch the eye yet. Obviously, that can change with some good games in the preseason. It hurt him that he's missed time due to injury, and he just hasn't made many impact plays in camp that would make him impossible to cut. Considering how many young safeties are on this team and are solid special teams contributors, Dixon needs a stellar preseason to make the squad. Until he does that, I have a hard time saying he makes the team.

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