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Mailbag: Who Might Be This Year's George Selvie?


Do they cut Joseph Randle to keep Ryan Williams? With all the talk about how running backs are easy to find these days, why not keep Williams and have three running backs with three different styles?

Bryan: I don't think there is a real difference between the two. They both run hard, they both catch the ball and they both have issues with pass protection. Williams might be quicker but he doesn't play any special teams and Jerry Jones has always told us that the third back on this roster needs to help in that role.

David: I'm starting to wonder if there's a way both of these guys make the roster – potentially at the expense of a fullback. I'm not committing myself to that line of thinking, but the Cowboys have shown a history for carrying four running backs in the past. Bryan is right that Williams needs to find a role on special teams. For that matter, Randle would do well to improve his special teams performances. I hope Williams' nice night on Saturday was enough to earn him some first or second-team reps in Miami this weekend.

Who do you feel has the best chance at becoming the next "George Selvie?"

Bryan:George Selvie missed an entire season, so Amobi Okoye could be that type of player, but the guy that has the most ability from the tape that I have seen is Zach Minter. With all the questions along this defensive line, he is going [embedded_ad] to continue to get an opportunity to make this football team. He gives them a little size inside and can play a couple of different positions, which they could use.   

David: It's got to be Rolando McClain, right? Of course, McClain is a more high-profile player as a former top-10 draft pick, but it's fair to say everyone in the NFL had written him off when the Cowboys acquired him in July. Prior to Saturday night's loss to Baltimore, he hadn't played in a game since Nov. 25, 2012 – almost 18 months ago. If he continues to improve during the next two weeks, he could claim a starting job. That would have to be considered an upset after the road he's been down the last year or so.

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