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Mailbag: Who Needs To Step Up Most In The 2014 Season?



Who do you guys think needs to step up the most next season?

Nick: Romo, Witten, Dez, T. Smith, Frederick, Carr, Free, Scandrick, Lee, Carter, Church, Claiborne, Murray, Williams, Harris, Beasley, Leary, Bernadeau, Escobar. Not trying to be funny, but that's the truth. Everyone needs to step up. All of them. As a team, get it together and get the job done. I know left people out, but those guys, too.  

Rowan: A lot of people, as Nick mentioned, but I'll throw Crawford in there as well. He was being counted on to make a big jump last year before the Achilles wiped out his season, and they need a big year from him as a guy who can play multiple spots. I'll also go with Claiborne and Terrance Williams, particularly if no major help is added at either of those spots.



I may be beating a dead horse here, but if Jerry Jones says that you do not rebuild with a QB like Romo, which I agree with, wouldn't it make since to snag up a proven FA receiver like Santonio Holmes to give Romo weapons in the passing game? Teams are definitely scared of what Dez can do but shouldn't we have fear on the other side or slot as well?

Nick: I think Terrance Williams will be a good No. 2 receiver. Obviously, you don't, but I think Williams will be fine. To me, he has some Alvin Harper in him in that he has a way to get deep. Personally, I'd rather ride it out with Williams than sign a veteran.

Rowan: I'd rather draft a potential stud in the first few rounds. If they don't have any plans on doing that, adding a veteran isn't a bad choice. The problem is most of them are already out the door. Holmes is one of a few options that would make sense, just because there isn't much else out there. I think if they were to add a veteran, a slot threat wouldn't be a bad idea.

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