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Mailbag: Who's Winning More, The WRs Or DBs?


Can you discuss how the Cowboys' defensive backs have looked against all the offensive weapons? I've read Trevon Diggs has struggled in coverage. Is that specific to a certain thing he isn't doing well? — TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

David: *I've honestly been encouraged by what I've seen. You're not going to win every rep, especially in a training camp setting. But the coverage looks like it's been pretty sticky. Guys are getting their hands on balls. Chido Awuzie and Anthony Brown have managed to get interceptions. Diggs has had his share of growing pains, but not to the degree that it's alarming. He's a rookie who didn't have an offseason, and he's working against one of the best receiver groups in the league. These things happen.

Rob: Actually, I think Diggs has had a nice start to camp. When you watch him cover, it seems like his past experience playing receiver helps him in terms of tracking and high-pointing the ball. Remember, the first few days was basically Diggs' rookie minicamp against big-time players. The cornerbacks are going to lose some against a receiving group of this caliber. It's just a fact. But overall they've been competing well. Anthony Brown has made a lot of plays on the ball.

With the mounting injuries to the offensive tackles, is there any chance the coaches move Connor Williams to left tackle and plug Connor McGovern into the left guard spot? — GARET TANAKA / WAILUKU

David: If the group got hit by a big-time injury, I think that'd be a really good idea. But I don't think these injuries merit that level of concern. Tyron Smith was dealing with hamstring tightness. And while we haven't seen La'el Collins or Cam Erving yet, the expectation is that these aren't long-term problems. I'd rather give those guys some time to get back before I worry about making guys change positions. That's a "Break Glass in Case of Emergency" type of scenario.

Rob: Williams obviously played a lot of tackle at Texas, but to this point in the offseason Mike McCarthy has spoken about him as a guard with flexibility at center. It doesn't sound like the top three tackles are expected to miss a long stretch here, as Dave said. But it's fair to say that the injuries up front have affected the offense's rhythm in practice at times because Aldon Smith and DeMarcus Lawrence have been finding their way into the backfield.

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