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Mailbag: Who Stands To Get More Playing Time?


We seem to be purging our defense of our disappointing defenders. Is it time to pull up our young practice squad players and let them show their stuff? ROLSCH COOPER / BROKEN ARROW, OK

David: It doesn't have to just be practice squad guys, but yes I'm hoping we can see some of the youth. Trading Everson Griffen should free up a lot of snaps for Randy Gregory and Bradlee Anae, so that's exciting. And with Dontari Poe and Daryl Worley being released, I'm hoping we can see more of Neville Gallimore and Reggie Robinson.

Rob: I think the approach is still win football games. Yes, they moved on from three veteran players, but with the Griffen trade in particular, I think they're confident they can get solid production from Gregory, Dorance Armstrong and Bradlee Anae. It's not just a "let's play the young guys" approach here. I agree with Dave on Robinson. He has a lot of talent, though I wonder if they're ready to give him snaps at safety yet since it's a new position for him.

Aside from his total blunder in the touchdown given up last weekend, is it safe to assume Diggs is our best player on defense? Tight coverage and always around the ball, seems to be the only one hustling on defense. I like the kid. RANSOM MCINTYRE / EL PASO, TX

David: I would still say DeMarcus Lawrence is this team's best defender, but I agree with your overall point. Thanks to some injuries at the position, Trevon Diggs has been thrown into the deep end and told to swim. It hasn't always looked pretty, but I've been impressed by his professionalism and his moxie. He doesn't seem to be fazed by the adversity. He's probably not having the type of success he envisioned before the season, but I'm encouraged that these growing pains will be a good thing in the long run.

Rob: Diggs battles, there's no question about that. Some of the technique issues he's had are probably a product of inexperience more than anything. He should continue to grow. Best defender? DeMarcus Lawrence. Also have to remember Leighton Vander Esch is basically coming back from what's almost a calendar-year absence minus half a quarter against the Rams. I think he'll get better and more in tune the more he plays.

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