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Mailbag: Who Starts At Guard If The Cowboys Sign Waters?



I've been reading about the exploits of the defense during training camp, but I never see Bruce Carter's name mentioned. What is going on with him?

Bryan: I have no problem with the way that Carter is playing at all. There have been several times where he has closed on the play from the backside and has been in great shape to make the tackle. He has been moving well in pass coverage as well when he has been asked to work in the flat. He doesn't make any mental mistakes, and I have always felt when they started to play these games for real, he will be a factor.

Nick: He's around the ball. He does nice things. Carter hasn't had that many takeaways in this camp, but I really think he will show up more in the games. His speed and athleticism are superb, and when he's running sideline to sideline, it's noticeable. So you're right, he hasn't been remarkable but I think he's going to have a great season.


If the Cowboys sign a veteran guard, say Waters, who do you think the starting guards would be against the Giants in Week 1? And would Livings be released, or another player?

Bryan: If Brian Waters is in fact signed at some point in time, he will be the starter I believe at right guard and Ronald Leary will be the starter on the left side -- that is if Waters is signed. If for some reason Waters does not sign, then you will see Mackenzy Bernadeau starting on that right side. I promise that if Waters does sign, I will take a good long look at his game tape from New England.   [embedded_ad]

Nick: I don't know if Livings would be released regardless what they do. His $2.4 million base salary is guaranteed so there's no real reason to cut him. It doesn't mean he will be active every game, but having that kind of quality backup could be a luxury. If Waters were to sign, it'd be Waters and Leary. But I think Leary and Bernadeau is probably a safe bet.

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