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Mailbag: Who stood out and who didn't?


Now that the offseason workouts are officially over, what players stood out to you? And who do you think has some real work to do?Brian Parker/St. Louis, MO

Nick Eatman: I think the linebackers are going to be much better this year. That just always seems like a staple for Mike Zimmer defenses and it's probably one of the more attractive aspects of his defense the Cowboys were looking at when they hired him. The linebacker play hasn't been the best over the last few years and injuries have played a big part of that. But from the addition of Eric Kendricks, the return of DeMarvion Overshown (who hasn't practiced yet with the team but his still rehabbing) and the drafting of Marist Liufau, I think it's going to be a much better group. Throw in Micah Parsons - wherever he might fit into that equation - and it's going to be a better group, especially stopping the run.

Patrik: Most of the offseason program that's featured media availability has been geared toward the rookies and we didn't get a real look at veterans until the two days of minicamp, which was supposed to be three but the third day was reworked to feature no media availability. I say all of that to qualify my answer, seeing as it's going to lean heavily toward the rookies. Cooper Beebe and Tyler Guyton appear to be transitioning smoothly to their new full-time positions on the offensive line, and Marist Liufau's versatility and very high football IQ shows up on every rep. Caelen Carson is going to surprise some people, I do believe, in one of my favorites to watch is Ryan Flournoy — who is already one of the most athletic on the roster and who looks ready to make serious waves in training camp. As far as veterans go, the battle for WR3 is going to feed families, my friend. The law firm of Jalen, Jalen and Jalen are set for war against each other and against Flournoy, but here comes Deuce Vaughn getting slot WR snaps while KaVontae Turpin has thus far been dynamic. On to Oxnard we go.

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