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Mailbag: Who Will Get The Final Roster Spot?


After the game in Hawaii, just wondering if the final offensive roster spot comes down to third quarterback (Mike White), sixth receiver (Devin Smith or Noah Brown), or fourth tight end (Codey McElroy). Who makes the team and why? - CHIP NELSON / SPRINGDALE, AR

Rob: I don't think anything at the end of the roster is decided with two preseason games left. But, of this group, I would guess six receivers is most likely. Smith has been outstanding to this point. Health has been the only thing holding him back – a little like Maliek Collins, but more severe injuries the past few years. Don't rule out the possibility of an extra offensive lineman, either.

Bryan: I don't believe they're going to carry a third quarterback. Devin Smith or Cedrick Wilson is likely the sixth wide receiver and McElroy is a practice squad guy. 

I know all cases are dealt with on an individual basis. But, with Patriots receiver Josh Gordon getting reinstated after multiple failed substance tests and an indefinite suspension, do you think that bodes well for Randy Gregory? - LAYNE PETTY / FREDERICKSBURG, TX

Rob: I think you answered your question, Layne. Gregory's situation is so unique and complex – the Cowboys have believed all along this is a medical issue first and foremost – that I don't think you can compare it to anyone else. However, Commissioner Goodell obviously believes Gordon has taken the right steps to get back on the field with the Patriots. If he determines the same with Gregory, there's a chance we'll see him back here. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are hopeful.

Bryan: Two separate cases. Don't connect the incidents or time lines. It doesn't work that way with that office.

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