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Mailbag: Who Will Have A Breakout Season?

20181118 DAL vs ATL
20181118 DAL vs ATL

Watching the Raptors' Pascal Siakam go off last night in the NBA Finals got me thinking: Who's a potential breakout candidate on the Cowboys this season? - MATTHEW K / PLANO, TX

Bryan: This is the season that Xavier Woods leads the club in interceptions. He's getting better playing with his eyes and seeing the field, which I believe will result in more turnovers. 

Rob: I don't think we've seen the best from Blake Jarwin yet. That monster game against the Giants was historic – he was the first Cowboys tight end in 45 years to score three touchdowns in a game – and will be hard to duplicate. But he's capable of being a consistent impact receiver for Dak Prescott. Jason Witten's return is important, but I expect Jarwin to be involved in 2019, too.

Will Michael Gallup eventually turn into a WR1? He looked great for a lot of last year, but disappeared in some games. Do you think he is both a reliable and explosive wide receiver this year and possibly be a No. 1 wide receiver in 2020? - WALKER BECK / RICHMOND, VA

Bryan: Michael Gallup was my second thought as the possible breakout player for this season, so I am really high on him. He absolutely has a chance to be a No. 1 wide receiver. His athletic ability and willingness to learn make him a perfect candidate to be the lead dog in the sled. 

Rob: Amari Cooper eventually will get an extension as the long-term No. 1 receiver here. But Gallup's also a breakout candidate. I said the first week in pads last year that he has potential to be a very productive starter. The coaching staff wanted him to maintain an aggressive mindset with regard to going up to get the football, and he did that the second half of the year. Adding a big-time threat like Cooper on the other side of the field helped him, too.

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