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Mailbag: Who Would You Trade Up For?


It's finally here! Any chance we'll see some wheeling and dealing tonight? What player, if any, would you trade up to get in this year's draft? How far up would you go, and what would you give up to get him? – Rick Waters/Waco, TX

Nick: Honestly, I wouldn't really change up for anyone. I think this team needs to add as many players as they can, especially after trading a couple of picks already in this draft for the veteran help. I just don't really see the point to trade up even 5-6 spots and lose a third-round pick to land someone that still fell to No. 20. Sure, there are exceptions like the time the Cowboys went from 21 to 17 to get Emmitt Smith. But the difference was they had many picks that year and the best thing to do was move them around to gain value. I'm sure trading up for someone falling will be discussed but I just don't see the player that is worth giving up more picks when you don't have enough to start with. Trading down? Different story.

Patrik: The wait is over and it's time to party so, yes, get excited. It's time for all of the scouting, board building, mock drafting and subterfuge to meet its end as the Cowboys get ready to see what happens before they go on the clock with the 26th-overall pick. That said, it's to-be-determined if they stay in that spot. It's essentially an early second-round pick with a fifth-year option on the contract, and that gives the Cowboys flexibility to potentially trade down and still make a Day 1 pick while obtaining an extra selection this year — having rightfully sent two away to land Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks. They've discussed that scenario already, as well as potentially moving up, but I think the latter is unlikely unless Bijan Robinson falls anywhere near them (then they'd probably be on the phone trying to wheel and deal); but they're not going up to the top 15 for his services, meaning they'll wait and see who's available before deciding if they should stay put and take that respective player or if they could move back, still get him and land an extra pick as well. I'm with that strategy, because entering a draft that has so much value and talent in Round 2 through Round 5, I think you'd land another stellar draft haul without having to chase the rabbit.

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