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Mailbag: Whose Touches Go Up With Dunbar Out?



With Lance Dunbar out, will Joseph Randle or Phillip Tanner see the majority of the touches as the complement to DeMarco Murray?

Nick: I think you'll see Randle maybe do a little more, but this isn't a case of the someone stepping up to fill Dunbar's role. Dunbar is a unique player and they don't really have someone to do what he does. So yes, the backup will get more touches but I don't see them calling the same plays for Randle that they would Dunbar.

Rowan: That would be Randle, but I don't expect either backup to see much action as long as Murray stays healthy. Dunbar was so useful because he brought an element of speed to the backfield that only he possessed. The other backs are much more similar, and I expect Murray will be a workhorse going forward.


Is it just me, or has the Cowboys' roster management and talent evaluation improved dramatically the last two years or so?

Nick:I think, like all years, they have their [embedded_ad] hits and misses. I wouldn't say it's been greatly improved. Just like these DEs they signed off the street. Some were good pickups and others weren't. They hit a few draft picks this year and others are still question marks. I wouldn't say it's been greatly improved. But I do think Will McClay has done a great job as the top scout over in that department.

Rowan: I don't know if it's a dramatic improvement, but they have done a really good job bringing in free agents and having them contribute immediately. There have been some misses with defensive linemen coming in and moving right back out, but the ones who have stuck, including George Selvie and Jarius Wynn, have been solid additions and the pro personnel department should get credit for that.

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