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Mailbag: Why Aren't The Cowboys Spending Money On The O-Line?


Tony Romo suffered a broken collarbone two years ago and a punctured lung last year. Why are the Cowboys not spending money to improve the O-line?

Rowan: The Cowboys are still waiting to see what they have on the line. Dockery was just signed, a late back injury to Phil Costa forced David Arkin into the center role and Mackenzy Bernadeau hasn't even played a full week of full pads practice. When Nate Livings returns from a hamstring injury and begins to practice, they'll know more. This is what preseason is for.

Josh: Well, they doled out $30 million in contracts to Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau. They paid the going rate to keep Doug Free, four years and $32 million. They spent the ninth overall pick on Tyron Smith last year, the first time they had drafted an offensive lineman in Round 1 since 1981. It's a commitment. They just have to get healthy and play better.


Why so many stupid penalties? Seems to me nothing has changed.

Rowan: It's the first game of the preseason, and the offensive line has three major changes on the interior. The special teams penalties on fourth down are inexcusable, but they weren't made by starting veterans. A lot of players are still getting accustomed to the NFL, and this is to be expected in the first preseason game. Start worrying when it still happens during the regular season.

Josh: They're not the only team that gets penalties. So they had 12 Monday night, in the first preseason game, many of which were made by guys who won't be here in three weeks. It's too early to say penalties are a problem. Things have definitely changed since 2010, when they were a chronic issue.

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