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Mailbag: Why Aren't We Seeing More Blitzes?


I thought that with the two new shut down corners that we have, we would see more blitzes, but that is not the case. Any idea why?

NICK: That's a good question. But first off, I don't think this team has any shutdown corners. In fact, I don't like that term in today's game because all corners get beat. These guys – Carr and Claiborne – aren't perfect by any means. So you take your chances when you leave them in man coverage. I do think they're pretty good but no one is shutdown since Deion. As for the blitz, the Cowboys have struggled to get there when they blitz. Overall, I think there is reason to be concerned with that area because we just haven't seen a ton of pressure this year, other than from Ware.

BRYAN: From what I have seen, Ryan is blitzing, but is he doing it more than last season? I don't believe so. Where Ryan has been a little handcuffed is that he has had so many injuries to deal with across the board on his defense so he has had to try and mask that and not put his players in any bad situations.


When you rush for 227 yards in a game and average 5.4 yds per carry why not run the ball for 2 more yards on the 2 pt. conversion in the Ravens game?

NICK: I'm sure it was thought about, but the 2-yard line isn't easy for any team to run the ball. Not to mention, you've lost your best power back in Murray. Getting those tough yards aren't exactly the strength of Felix Jones. Tanner might have been a better option there, but you really don't see a lot of 2-point conversion runs. Don't forget, the Cowboys have only 6 rushing touchdowns in the last two years and have struggled in short-yardage situations. It's not a horrible idea at all, but I think after that 18-play drive that was mostly passing, they wanted a pass there.

BRYAN: I had no problem with the 2-point play call. Bryant had run the route well for two touchdowns already in the game. Anytime you can get him one-on-one with the corner, I would take that chance every time. Romo put the ball where he had to and Bryant admitted on Monday that he should have come up with the catch. It was a contested pass but we have all seen Bryant make those plays before with men on his back.

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