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Mailbag: Why Can't the Cowboys' Draft Picks Stay Healthy?


Some have worked back into practice, but why is it that none of the Cowboys' draft picks can seem to stay healthy?

Nick: I think it's just a coincidence this year that they all had something. But there's probably something to be said for the fact these guys just aren't used to practicing this hard and this intense at this level. It just takes different players time to get adjusted.

Josh: Call it an educated guess, but I imagine the rate of offseason injuries is higher for players heading into their rookie year than for veterans. It's a new level of competition, and most of them have been in intense Combine training during the winter and spring, so their bodies are going through some adjustments.


With Mat McBriar gone, who should hold for field goals? Is this a competition?

Nick: I think it will be Chris Jones, or whoever the punter is. He spends the most time with the kicker and it makes the most sense.

Josh: Most likely Chris Jones. He held for Dan Bailey last year when McBriar was out. Don't worry, Tony Romo is off the hook.

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