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Mailbag: Why Did The Cowboys Sign Caleb Hanie?


With so many needs that have to be addressed on the team, mainly defense, why did we sign Caleb Hanie? I mean I understand we need the depth, but wouldn't some defensive line depth or adding a seasoned receiver be a better option than adding another quarterback?

Rowan: It's simply to have people to throw the ball right now. They're not going to rush Tony Romo's recovery, and with Kyle Orton gone the only other quarterback on the roster is Brandon Weeden. I don't think too much should be made out of the Hanie signing. The bigger question is when, or if, Orton is back.

David: With Kyle Orton missing from the voluntary workouts, there's no one here to throw the ball besides Tony Romo and Brandon Weeden. The Cowboys don't want Romo working his arm that much at this early stage in the offseason, so they brought in an extra arm to work with the receiving corps. I wouldn't read too much into it beyond that.

I am not sold on Anthony Barr in any situation whether it is staying at 16, trading back, or any other scenario that would have the Cowboys pick him. I would prefer a true 4-3 DE that is not a project. Why is he being considered?

Rowan:He's being considered because athletically he's widely regarded as a top-10 talent. He's being considered because if his skills can translate, he can potentially be a dominating [embedded_ad] pass rusher. There's no question there's some risk involved in moving the 3-4 outside linebacker onto the line as a defensive end. He'll need to bulk up, but his skill at getting around the edge isn't surpassed by many in this draft. He's also being considered because the number of sure-fire 4-3 defensive ends worth a first-round pick in this year's draft are minimal.  There just aren't a ton of pass-rushing options likely to be available at 16.

David: Well, not to sound snarky, but I'd say the people managing the team's draft board disagree with you. I'll grant you this, though: I don't think there are any can't-miss defensive end prospects in this draft other than Jadeveon Clowney. Kony Ealy might be good but doesn't look like a lock. Scott Crichton looks good, but not as the No. 16 pick. Everyone else looks like a "project," as you put it. Barr's outstanding size and athleticism make him an intriguing option, even if he might come with a bit of a learning curve.

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