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Mailbag: Why Do You Think We Have So Many Injuries?


We all know injuries are a part of the sport, but 18 names on the injury report one week into camp? Why do you think we have so many injuries? This is not good.

Josh: It's nothing new. Maybe the Cowboys are holding more players out of practice because they're being overly precautious. If there were a game on Sunday, I get the idea a lot of these guys would play. But, Jason Garrett does like to strap on the pads as often as possible. Just keep knocking on wood, I guess.

Rowan: It's not good, but I don't think there's necessarily a reason for it. The guys are in shape, or they wouldn't have passed their conditioning tests. A lot of these players haven't had football contact in months, so early in camp it'll happen.


Has Barry Church won the starting job in your mind, or do you think it's an open battle with Matt Johnson?

Josh: Church is the starter. That battle is over. When Johnson gets into practice, he may have an uphill battle against Danny McCray to be the third safety. I also think it's a position the Cowboys will be looking to address after final cuts.

Rowan: It's Church's job to lose. Unless Church regresses or Johnson plays miraculously during preseason games, I don't see that changing. The Cowboys are still figuring out what they've got in Johnson, who's just now starting to get healthy.

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