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Mailbag: Why does kicker seem an afterthought?


Why does the kicking game seem like an afterthought? The entire season could rest on this guy's shoulders, yet the Cowboys haven't really addressed the position. For a team with Super Bowl hopes, why are they relying on unproven (and cheaper) options who are struggling on Oxnard practice fields? What happens when they're lined up for a game-winning field goal in front of 90,000? Talk me off the ledge here. – Walter Simmons/St. Louis, MO

Nick Harris: I hear your concerns, Walter, and I have fairly similar feelings. I think there is a fair bit of comfort (maybe too much) in that it'll work itself out after escaping a similar situation last year in training camp with a kicker who had a pretty solid season for the most part. That being said, I'm not expressing a ton of confidence in Brandon Aubrey at the moment, as I need to see him put it together either in the preseason or from a consistency standpoint in Oxnard. And if all else fails, Mason Crosby is still waiting in free agency ready to jump on any opportunity. Overall though, I'm with you.

Mickey: First of all, the Cowboys were seriously thinking of drafting a kicker until the two likely draftable ones went so early in the draft. The veterans available weren't nearly as good as Brett Maher was last regular season until he developed the yips on those playoff extra points, and those veterans are still out there in free agency. Next, they had their eye on rookie Brandon Aubrey all along. This is not a mere shot in the dark they are taking on the former soccer player. Now he gets all the reps in practice and Saturday's preseason opener. We'll see how he does. He was awfully good in Tuesday's practice, making 11 of 11 kicks, albeit from shorter distances. Hang tight.

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